Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 very random facts :

1) I own nothing from Topshop, Forever 21, Zara or Mango except for a pair of yellow boxers (Topshop). I just think they are overpriced and the chances of seeing another person with the same top as me is high. I feel very paranoid when that happens.

2) I buy only 1 or 2 magazine/s per year. This is because Vogue/Bazaar/ELLE/L'officiel/Style makes me want to stop eating cake and inferior and really poor and its useless to feel like so and I will take a long time to recover and accept reality while Seventeen or Cleo focus on the trend which is immaterial for me. NYLON is too hipster-esque (eh?) for me. The reason for purchasing it despite being irrelevant to me is because I like to study the editorial style of a magazine and also the fashion photography composition.

3) This morning while squatting down and rummaging for my shirt, a giant heap of clothes from the upperside of my wardrobe came toppling on me. It felt like an avalanche!

4) I am obsessed with aliens and space. Most people think they're creepy, fake, harmful, ugly and disturbing. To me they're mysteriously creepy, abstruse, harmless, invincible and very special to me.

5) I have an inability to burp. No matter how hard I try I still can't release the gas. I'm very pleased with myself. It makes me feel like an alien.

If you like me, you could get me this for Christmas:

Its a fuckin lamp! But nah its impossible cos its not for sale.


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