Monday, December 29, 2008
I am a geek (in 2009)

FAVORITES IN 2008 ( cos its ending eh)
Favorite fragrance:

Its a tie between the 2. I use The Vert for sunny days because of its light, fresh and citrus fragrance. While Jasmin Noir is for rainy days or special occasions. It has this very intense musky notes and abit floral.

Favorite food:

Give me anything with wasabi in it and I will forget my diet plan the next second. This green dope makes me go ditzy and refreshed after a shitty day in school.

Favorite thrift find:

My $5 holy grail.

Favorite artist:

Based on Texas, this experimental-ambience group is no ordinary bunch. You could relate every song to yourself no matter how boring or interesting your life is. The raucous guitar riffs, deep bass and climactic cymbals will alter the moments of your life to be even more significant. Listen and you'll get what I mean.

Favorite quote:

Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja!...Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

Its from a sketch from Monty Python Flying Circus. Its just a german gibberish but also subliminally could mean a silly joke about salted peanuts.

Favorite accessory:

Favorite companion:

Toasted and no filters.

Favorite fictional character:

2008 was interesting. Met new people, did new things, discovered interesting places/websites/activities/hobbies and of course made a couple of mistakes. I'm not really looking forward to 2009 though because apparently the 3 witches prophecised that I will not have a good time being legal. Maybe I always have the mindset that being legit is no fun but apart from that, I'll just sit here being a geek having a vision for this blog. I hope my manic state will come by soon as flight of crazy ideas will help with the thrive of loyal readers! I do? I don't? Well whatever. I enjoy sharing creativity and witticism because life is alot more boring and depressing without them.


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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sorry for the late update. I'm not feeling really well and my mood is just off for me to do anything productive and creative. But I promise you alot more in a week time. Take care!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008
Men On My Shirt

That shirt was $3. For $3 I got a postman, a fireman/alien extinguisher/ghostbuster, a farmer and God knows who else dwelling on my shirt. Oh yeah that Tracce moccasins wedge is the most comfortable pair I have now. I walked from Beach Road to Suntec City to Singapore Flyer and then to City Hall but it didn't give me joint pain or muscle aches on my feet despite the heel height measuring 2.75inches. It was a good buy. Few months ago it costed $100++ but recently the price dropped to $40 __ -_- __ so of course being me (being cheapskate) I bought it.
Anyway, I'm sick of my hair already. Part of me wants to go bald, half bald, 2/5 bald, keep it long, dreadlocks, dye it orange, flat top ala Grace Jones..... argh. My hair gives me the most problem besides my skin. Its dry and frizzy, thick, fucked up and grows like a mushroom. Its probably dead because I dye it multiple times in a year. I've bleached it, dyed pink, black, purple, blue, red you name it. I nearly did green but someone in school had it so I don't want to be Broccoli the 2nd. Makes me feel like shit. !huergh!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 very random facts :

1) I own nothing from Topshop, Forever 21, Zara or Mango except for a pair of yellow boxers (Topshop). I just think they are overpriced and the chances of seeing another person with the same top as me is high. I feel very paranoid when that happens.

2) I buy only 1 or 2 magazine/s per year. This is because Vogue/Bazaar/ELLE/L'officiel/Style makes me want to stop eating cake and inferior and really poor and its useless to feel like so and I will take a long time to recover and accept reality while Seventeen or Cleo focus on the trend which is immaterial for me. NYLON is too hipster-esque (eh?) for me. The reason for purchasing it despite being irrelevant to me is because I like to study the editorial style of a magazine and also the fashion photography composition.

3) This morning while squatting down and rummaging for my shirt, a giant heap of clothes from the upperside of my wardrobe came toppling on me. It felt like an avalanche!

4) I am obsessed with aliens and space. Most people think they're creepy, fake, harmful, ugly and disturbing. To me they're mysteriously creepy, abstruse, harmless, invincible and very special to me.

5) I have an inability to burp. No matter how hard I try I still can't release the gas. I'm very pleased with myself. It makes me feel like an alien.

If you like me, you could get me this for Christmas:

Its a fuckin lamp! But nah its impossible cos its not for sale.


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Thursday, December 11, 2008
Reebok Update (DIY)

Burberry 07 Studded Platform Heels + Reebok Classic Freestyle =










Say Hello to my customized babies. You are not plain anymore! I got the studs from my old studded belt (punkrock days) and polished them with Brasso. I'm not going to wear them on rainy days as I afraid it may rust. Yeah that was Aggy for 07 Burberry but they dropped her (thanks uh Mario Testino) claiming she's too overexposed. How obscure you want a model to be? And what do they mean by overexposed? Overrated? Too hip? And theres a rumour that she is going to leave the modelling agency, DNA. Or she already left? Either way, I still love her. I believe she is more capable of something else beyond modelling or partying. Maybe she could start selling utility bikes. Be a utilitarian rather than hanging out with Uffie and Leigh Lezark or any other hipsters. Hark.

Anyway, look whats in my mail!

Another Reebok masterpiece! Bought it off Ebay. I just could not resist the multicolored tiles design. Very 90s/ Gameboy era. And if you have that extra money, you could donate some to me because I would do anything for this

ALIEN STOMPER (limited edition)

Okay I'm so late already g2g now bye.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008
Me to Junya and maybe to Dalai Lama

Junya Watanabe Fall 08.

I decided to do a Dalai Lama inspired cum Junya interpretation with my 2 yards of fabric. Not much draping though as the material is too slippery and vulnerable. The true colour is maroon ( I know I am the Modern Monk). Anyway, I've got lots of outfits and DIY to post but its my semester test week and I'm busy studying I mean actually not really studying cos I hate what I'm doing right now...I'm just being prepared (to die). (in peace).

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008
3 Reasons Why You Need A Boyfriend


Or you can wear your father's. Simply roll up your crisp white shirt sleeves and then roll up your blazer's sleeve slightly shorter than the sleeves inside to create that peek-a-boo or I-couldn't-be-bothered effect. You could wear it over a dress like DKNY on the left or go for the androgynous look on the right. Keep the shoulder pads if you're daring enough.


For feel-fat days. Pair it with a simple light pocketed cotton shirt and a wedge if heels are too dressy for you. Just be careful because not all boyfriend's jeans suit your body type.


Okay. I believe Mary Kate first made the homeless look very chic, no? Whatever. Kudos to this bag lady for being the most unique and inspirational fashionista. I have a strong feeling her playlist consists of Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam and Janis Joplin. Anyway back to the flannel shirt, I think MK'S interpretation of the flannel shirt is the Scottish kilt which creates a punkish look while the lady on the right is just wearing it as it is. Very simple at the same time its almost preppy(also like a school uniform) with the vibrant colour which is attractive and fresh.

So yeah, I'm just kidding about getting a boyfriend.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008
I sold the world.


1. Cut the waistband and zippers from the denim.

2. Cut the collar area of your dress with radius about 4cm.

3. Attach the waistband to the new collar area of your dress by sewing it.

Also, you could layer your stockings. Since christmas is near, I wore my black stockings over my bright red stockings to create the blood red christmas colour. That way, you look taller than a christmas tree. -___-

Anyway here's an upclose picture of my DIY dress

Stay tuned to see my interpretation of Junya Watanabe 08 draping frenzy.

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