Sunday, December 21, 2008
Men On My Shirt

That shirt was $3. For $3 I got a postman, a fireman/alien extinguisher/ghostbuster, a farmer and God knows who else dwelling on my shirt. Oh yeah that Tracce moccasins wedge is the most comfortable pair I have now. I walked from Beach Road to Suntec City to Singapore Flyer and then to City Hall but it didn't give me joint pain or muscle aches on my feet despite the heel height measuring 2.75inches. It was a good buy. Few months ago it costed $100++ but recently the price dropped to $40 __ -_- __ so of course being me (being cheapskate) I bought it.
Anyway, I'm sick of my hair already. Part of me wants to go bald, half bald, 2/5 bald, keep it long, dreadlocks, dye it orange, flat top ala Grace Jones..... argh. My hair gives me the most problem besides my skin. Its dry and frizzy, thick, fucked up and grows like a mushroom. Its probably dead because I dye it multiple times in a year. I've bleached it, dyed pink, black, purple, blue, red you name it. I nearly did green but someone in school had it so I don't want to be Broccoli the 2nd. Makes me feel like shit. !huergh!

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