Sunday, March 22, 2009
Wrath makes me fat.

+ Topshop dress is free
+ Faux Leather Jacket is from my blogshop
+ Adidas is bf's.

3 days away from Singapore had resulted me in weight gain. You can see my fat legs thru the leggings. Oh yes my leggings had resurrected from the wardrobe after more than 5 months. Yes I avoided the leggings for 5 months. I guess it has to do some reflection alone after the commotion about leggings are not pants. If leggings are not pants, then how should we wear leggings? Under a dress? Under a long shirt? Layer with a skirt? Don't wear leggings at all?

Want to show the shape of your ass? Show your pantylines? So be it. At least I have something to do in the train other than looking at people's shoe. I'm trying not to sound so pervertic....but I always play the guess-if-she's-wearing-a-thong-or-granny panties game.

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