Thursday, July 30, 2009
Hows my peanut butter going on?

Oh wow Blogspot decide to work on my Explorer rather on my Chrome. I'm so embarrassed about the hardcore lack of updates but you should know that I'm human(hybrid) too. I have to do things what humans usually do to survive in a civilised land and have to conform no matter how anarChic I am. In another words, school work had been swallowing me. Wtf. Its 80% done now. I'm quite free now.
Apart from that, currently I'm left with my Ann Demeulemeester research and my upcoming small line I'm gonna launch. Can't wait. Its not some mass produced shit I got from Bangkok and mark up the price or anything like that, so don't worry. Bleargh I wish I have more time now to finish it up and start it.
So...since blogger is working now, you can expect more frequent updates and new stuffs I've got.

9:38 PM

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