Tuesday, July 14, 2009

o....what I have been doing? I'll tell you what I had been doing. I'm currently addicted to girl gaming. I'm sick of killing Tank and Witch and playing why not now I make things look prettier. Like change hair colour...more mascara...pretty dresses...virtually. Its fucking fun. You get to be your own make up artist and stylist with limited choices. And literally I had been wearing XXtra make up, bought fake eyelashes (I'm obsessed over the eyelash glue. I bought like 3 types of glue and still buying more. I'm gonna collect eyelash glue don't ask me why), heating my own eyelash curler, use eyeshadow....blablabla. In another words, I used to wear minimal make up. Don't know what had gotten into me being all princessy. Ok now I feel nauseous typing the word Princessy. Ok I'm gonna start wearing my sidezip all over again.

8:31 AM

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