Thursday, August 6, 2009
Top 3 things that make me cringe the most.

I still see this!!!! I still see this on the streets!! In school!! Everywhere!!

Look, I bet your 76 year old aunt is using facebook to chat with your 5 year old cousin. I once used facebook. And I feel that I don't need it because firstly I don't socialize because I don't like when there is too much people in my life, secondly when I don't socialize I don't have THAT much friends, thirdly I think facebook is for people who doesn't need privacy at all, fourthly if I do have an account it would be a boring-liyana-is-speaking-her-own-language kind of thing, fifthly I love to laugh at cobrasnake inspired party photos and I'm avoiding it now, sixth I tend to get jealous of others easily and seventh.....I think I'm really just a recluse. I get really annoyed when people ask me repeatedly if I have an account or commented their disbeliefs on this. I can live without giving a fuck about my friends's lives, without Restaurant City or Mafia War or wadever games they have there, without tagging ugly photos of people, without doing the poorly unprofessionally inaccurately designed quizzes, without getting jealous of prettier people, yeah despite this everyone is using facebook. In conclusion Facebook is Satan.

I REALLY DON'T GET WHAT IS AA ABOUT. Can you get it into my head by telling me what issit about AA? All I see is normal basics which are overpriced and pornstars. Is AA softporn? Tell me can? I'm really confused. Extremely confused.

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