Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Twin Power

Imagine that you have an identical twin sister. Would you think that your sister would be smarter than you? Would you be jealous? What if she was more fashionable? Would you share clothes and shoes and bags? Would you date another pair of twins? What if she stole your Bvlgari perfume? Would you want to be Mary Kate or Ashley? Do you know they are not identical twins? What if she was bipolar? Or bulimic? Do you think the chances that you are one too are high? Would you make out with your twin? Would you slap her if she told mum you brought Henry/Peter/Andrew home when our parents were away? What if shes more fucked up than you are? What if youre thrifty and shes oblivious? Does it matter?

Is that creepy?

Anyway, that poncho-like top is DIY from a shawl. I guess I have to sacrifice that shawl into good use as living in Singapore disallows (is there even such word) me from wearing it.

I am still having a good relationship with my bleached pants. Can't seem to part with it. Best friends for life.

Oh yes my ridiculous denim necklace is making its debut here. I think its the ugliest handmade jewellery I've ever made. But it gives this whimsical kind of effect to the whole outfit. My purpose of wearing clothes is to look stupid and not perfect. (wtf since when?)

If I were a celebrity I would wear a dinosaur carcass to the red carpet. Bjork did it with a poultry. Imogen Heap did it with a garden.

I'm doing a selling post soon. Support me if you could!


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