Tuesday, February 3, 2009
the older i get the shittier i become

After listening to D.S.B on repeat, watching Patti Smith speaking her deep mind and some brainwashing from an old friend who believes in veganism (but Whopper is an exception) had turned me into (insert whatever is not appropriate). Wait, its appropriate for me.

I finally found me. Whatever fuck that means everyone thinks I'm going crazy. Nevermind at least I still have a lifetime supply of wasabi. I'm having a strong pain on the left side of my brain (yesterday was right side) and I don't believe its migraine although 99% its that latter because sometimes human wish for something else or in denial.

That plaid shirt in the first photo was my bro's. I lived in it for 2 days straight ( I heard a faint "Gosh!" from my bro). Sometimes I wear the exact same outfit for 3 days straight because apparently I don't feel like wearing anything else as the outfit explains whatever I was going through (I'm not sure what I was going through except that I feel really angsty all the time). I realised I like to type in (brackets) because (I don't know). And the patch on my jeans is The Offspring patch I detached from a sweater.

Yes I'm wearing denim top to toe (I heard a faint "Gasp!" from you). I don't get it now why is it wrong to wear it that way or this way. I don't think theres rules in fashion or in another words fashion should be alot fucking less pretentious. Or in another words this is just my style. Or in another words Morrissey fucking owns me

So if you could rock denim with denim then why not. If you could convince the society that the leggings (or even the pantyhose for the subconscious) is your pants then why not.

So recently I did another DIY,

Hehe Morrissey's pose

Okay my brain still hurts. I have this thing since I was a kid and I'm sooooo scared to go for a check-up.

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